Insect Control

Insect Control

Insect Control Service (Herbal Gel-Spray)

Insect pests are an intimate part of every home. Pesticides are available for most common household insect pests, but these potent chemical compounds may be more harmful to you and the environment than the pests.

Prompt Pest Control Service provides natural, non-toxic, herbal ways to control household insect pests like ants and cockroaches.

Ants Control Treatment (General Pest Control)


  • Due to their small size ants often manage to enter sterile areas and packaging, causing contamination
  • Complete odourless, cost effective herbal gel & spray treatment for guaranteed Ant Pest Control
  • We do regular ant control inspection visits by qualified pest control technicians
  • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) undertaken for General Pest Control Services

Cockroch Control (Generl Pest Control)


  • Special herbal gel & spray treatment to control cockroaches which have become a common sight
  • The gel is applied beneath slabs, cracks, splits where cockroaches hide, the gel attracts them to feed on it and die
  • Annual Maintenance contract (AMC) for cockroach treatment both for homes and businesses
  • No need to vaccat primises during and after the treatment
  • Methods like sprays mists etc. and herbal gel applications are available to suit any requirement