Bird Control

Bird Control

Bird Control Service (Pigeons)

Bird Droppings are so acidic that they cause permanent damage to stone and painted metals. Birds create a mess and are known to be disastrous to a newly painted building. A nightmare for builders, architects and home owners where every design for aesthetic appeal needs to be reviewed due to bird droppings. For factories where birds create a havoc leading to direct monetary losses, it is the worst site to have a nest or group of them visiting the site regularly.


Bird Spikes provides effective and humane control for pest birds and climbing animals on all types of surfaces. These spikes are commonly used by private homes as well as public buildings because they create an unappealing and unstable environment for birds.

Plastic Birds Spikes

  • Each unit spike width (3”.4) and length (1”.5) each Rft slot sections are easy to carry
  • Made of HDP/LLDP, it is biodegradable material, which has its own quality standards, non-corrosive/rust proof and shall remain intact without causing any damage to it for so many years
  • Very economical, safe & maintenance free, there will be no adverse effect of weather conditions on it
  • If required, the Polycarbonate Bird Spike strips can be cut to length to provide an exact fit
  • It is readily fixable to ledges, cornice , rafters or sills with adhesives, nails or screws

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

  • These spikes prevent the birds to sit on the surface installed. It is extremely uncomfortable and it hurts the bird. Please note it does not kill nor injure the bird at all
  • The bird spikes are moulded into the polycarbonate base for improved durability
  • The bases are UV resistant polycarbonate, with regular snaplines
  • Spike Material : AISI 316 Stainless Steel Spikes of 1.55 mm diameter
  • The Polycarbonate UV Stabilised material will be unaffected upto 130 C. Melting point will be 230 C. The Stainless Steel Spikes will be unaffected upto 1000 C. The melting point will be 1300 C
  • It is readily fixable to ledges, cornice , rafters or sills with adhesives, nails or screws