About Us

Repeller Enterprises is group of professionals actively working to get rid of unwanted pests, animal, reptiles & birds menace which effects Household, Commercial, Agriculture, Private & Government sector. Repeller is your chance to get total solution to your problem. Any Service related to Pest Control is handled by equipped staff with right products range with relevant experience and complete safety measures.

We offer products ranges which help you in removing pest menace. Our products are tested and tried. They are economical as well as very effective when it comes to get rid of unwanted pests, insects, animal bird & reptile menace which is doing some or other kind of damage. DAMAGE refers to Health damage, Property damage, Agricultural damage, Government, Private sector damage.

Snake Control

Total reptile control solutions

Animal Control

Small mammals, deer, monkey control solitions

Vector Control

Solutions to control all types of vectors

Borer Control

Safe and effective control of borer bugs etc.

Insect Control

All types of insects like mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches control services

Bird Control

Small and medium size non birds of prey control like pigeons, parrots, parakeets and various types of crop, house hold & property control without harming them.

Rodent Control

Mouse & Moles control services

Our Products